Nijmegen: Brakkenstein Park

The park behind my apartment is lovely. The nice thing about visitors is that they show you a new part of the park you had not seen before. P1040509P1040501


Amsterdam Part Three

My friend Becky came to visit me and we went to see Amsterdam again. We went on the Heineken Tour, Cheese Tasting, Bols Distillery and lots of random wandering. Some of the highlights include this man on a boat. He had an organ playing, with a trumpet and then would also whistle. It was amazing. He also told people to, “Be happy, enjoy Amsterdam. The day is sunny and beautiful! Ahoy! Ahoy!”


 I love Amsterdam and europe in general. The coffee and the food is always amazing. P1040490CAM00107[1]

A very dutch meal is bitterballen. Extremely delicious and reminds of US bar food. The one bar actually had a cute  little cat curled up on the couch.


Anne Frank House

After visiting Amsterdam at least 4 times, I finally made it to the Anne Frank House. You were not allowed to take pictures, so I only have a picture of the statue. I recommend highly that you buy tickets online that let you skip the long line. Usually people wait almost 1.5 hours to get in. We paid about double the cost, but did not have to wait in line.


The house itself is what you would expect. Small, steep staircases and makes you sad. As you wander through the house and now expanded museum, Anne’s words are every to be seen. I read her diary well over 15 years ago, but am still struck by the way she wrote, her thoughts and unfailing spirit.

The Anne Frank House is not to be missed. It is a somber, but a necessary reminder of the horrible things humans can do. However, more importantly, I think its a reminder of that the human spirit, the thoughts and writings of one girl can capture generations.



To New Beginnings

As my time comes to a close in the Netherlands, I am overcome with conflicting emotions. I am happy that my husband will be visiting me soon. I am sad that I will leave the Netherlands, my friends and labmates. Overtime, I have become comfortable here. Going back to the US to see my family, friends and labmates makes me happy. The adjustment from the Netherlands back to the US will not be easy.

At the large grocery store, they are giving out little herb containers. I planted them yesterday, at least I can leave something nice behind in the lab.


Dissertation Fellowship

If I have learned one thing, it is that persistence pays off. Unfortunately, two of the three postdoctoral fellowships that I have applied for, I did not receive. I did learn this week that I received the Dissertation Fellowship at my University so I have monetary support so I can focus on finishing my dissertation.

Excited to receive that fellowship and now focusing on getting two more postdoctoral dissertation fellowship application completed.

Bratislava Castle

While in Bratislava, we visited the castle. There are different parts that have been restored. Below you can see the newly renovated area that had been painted white with gold accents. It is quite beautiful to walk through. On the one floor there was a little cafe you could have a cappuccino and small piece of cake.


Probably my favorite thing was playing with wooden blocks to show my name. The bear helped me, but got tired quickly. We also climbed one of the main four towers to take pictures from that view.


On the way into the castle, I took a few pictures. The buidlings and sculptures are very beautiful.


Interestingly enough, the view out from the castle of the new bridge looks similar to a US city. Finally, within the castle there were a few small staircases that were very fun to go up and down on.


Bratislava: Wandering Around

Bratislava was an interesting place to say the least. We found a great coffee place, library, book store to stop and eat in. It almost made me want to move to Bratislava. The atmosphere was great and they were placing Classic Rock Music.


I even had a delicious fig and goat cheese sandwich. I didnt share with the bear, he wasnt that hungry.


We went on an hour walking long tour of Bratislava. It was fairly cold out, so when we ended up in the shadows behind the buildings it was really cold. The tour guide showed us around the city, marking the four main gates of the city. She showed us the different historical buildings, walls, etc. The statue you must “rub” its head for luck.


There was a distinct difference between the buildings that have been renovated in the past 25 years to the ones that had not. Also, why not find a way to point to New York.