Lab Pranks = Goodbye Gifts

I am a little late with updating, but thought I should share this. A a goodbye gift, Kevin and I left several goodbye pranks from two roommates. I think they enjoyed it. Zip tie chairs together, mess with the screen/display cable and mess with chair settings.

2015-03-23 08.37.10 2015-03-23 08.37.14 2015-03-23 08.38.28

Zip tie everything, especially the scissors. That way they cant actually cut them off. Block keys on the keyboard or the mouse.

 2015-03-23 08.37.522015-03-23 08.39.48 2015-03-23 08.40.29

Of course, put Rose tea in there papers so they smell fresh and flowerly.

2015-03-23 09.00.29 2015-03-23 10.24.33


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