Anniversary Dinner

On March 22nd, it had been exactly one year since I married my best friend. Of course, we planned the dinner for the 21st as the 22nd we would be doing final packing and cleaning of my apartment. Near my apartment there is a restaurant called Beau. I had always wanted to go there. There was the option for a three course meal for around 38 euros.

20150321_175134 20150321_182901 20150321_182917 20150321_182923

In Beau, the atmosphere is elegant, yet very comfortable. The music playing was a mixture of jazz and blues. Outside, the rain had started as the sun began to set.

 20150321_182927 20150321_182936

For the appetizer we had a seafood soup and pastrami/asparagus dish.  Kevin ordered the chicken and I had the steak. We ordered the creme brulee and the white chocolate/fruit for dessert.

                                                 20150321_184613 20150321_184616

With the main course, they also served a salad and frijtes w/mayo. It was very Dutch to have the frijtes.

20150321_182946It was a nice and relaxing anniversary dinner.


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