Anne Frank House

After visiting Amsterdam at least 4 times, I finally made it to the Anne Frank House. You were not allowed to take pictures, so I only have a picture of the statue. I recommend highly that you buy tickets online that let you skip the long line. Usually people wait almost 1.5 hours to get in. We paid about double the cost, but did not have to wait in line.


The house itself is what you would expect. Small, steep staircases and makes you sad. As you wander through the house and now expanded museum, Anne’s words are every to be seen. I read her diary well over 15 years ago, but am still struck by the way she wrote, her thoughts and unfailing spirit.

The Anne Frank House is not to be missed. It is a somber, but a necessary reminder of the horrible things humans can do. However, more importantly, I think its a reminder of that the human spirit, the thoughts and writings of one girl can capture generations.




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