Bratislava: Wandering Around

Bratislava was an interesting place to say the least. We found a great coffee place, library, book store to stop and eat in. It almost made me want to move to Bratislava. The atmosphere was great and they were placing Classic Rock Music.


I even had a delicious fig and goat cheese sandwich. I didnt share with the bear, he wasnt that hungry.


We went on an hour walking long tour of Bratislava. It was fairly cold out, so when we ended up in the shadows behind the buildings it was really cold. The tour guide showed us around the city, marking the four main gates of the city. She showed us the different historical buildings, walls, etc. The statue you must “rub” its head for luck.


There was a distinct difference between the buildings that have been renovated in the past 25 years to the ones that had not. Also, why not find a way to point to New York.



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