Dutch Party and Nieuw Jaar!

It is the the new year (nieuw jaar) and the Dutch always like to shake hands and give three kisses on the cheek. Usually, I can avoid this happening. In the US, we tend to shake hands or do a quick awkward sideways type hug. The three cheek kiss is done by shaking hands, turn your head one way (left or right). It is extremely important that you go opposite the other person. Then you “kiss” one cheek, switch your head the other way, “kiss” the other cheek and then back to the original cheek. I usually do the air kiss, but I guess everyone is different. The only time this was an issue was when I was in Turkey. They of course, only do two kisses. I almost kissed a nice old man.

Dutch parties are fairly relaxed with lots of good food. Last Friday we had a work holiday party. Everyone brought appetizers or desserts to share. The one Dutch type of food was the herring, which I tried. I did not really like it.

As my time in the Netherlands is coming to a close, I am planning to spend a little more time investigating further in the Dutch culture and cuisine. I have exams next week for my Dutch language course. Hopefully, I will be able to speak some Dutch by the end of this year abroad.


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