My Biggest Perceived Fault

For awhile, I have been thinking about writing a post about a fault of mine that I am trying to work on. While in the US for two weeks, several friends and family members all pointed out the same thing. I consistently over-think and overplan. While having a back-plan plan can be helpful, I spend time having 5 or more back-plans which becomes stressful and overbearing. Criticism can be painful, especially from the ones you love. Instead, why not use a Dear Abby or Dear Anne letter to write my own problem and then self-answer that letter.

Dear Abby/Anne,

I am 29 year-old woman in the final year of my PhD, currently living abroad. The future to me seems so uncertain at times that I tend to make many plans and back-up plans. My family and friends have noticed this habit, commenting that I need to calm down. As I am transitioning from my PhD to the next step in my life, I feel overwhelmed. There is a lot of work to finish, but I also need to have a job after I defend and return to the US. I find myself overwhelmed with trying to plan my future.



Dear Over-Planner,

It is good to have a plan and a back-up plan. No one really needs 5 back-up plans. You spend too much time planning and not enough time living. Although you may have back-up plans to for when things fail, you are not enjoying the time living abroad. Focus on the current to do list you have now and not on the future things you need to do. It also seems like you may overwhelming yourself with too many commitments. Prioritize what is important and cut down on your commitments.



I found writing this blog post therapeutic. Going to actually prioritize what things that I actually need to do and cut-down on those that arent as necessary.


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