The Old Year

The New Years Celebration can sometimes be daunting. We always have a list of things we want to change or accomplish for the year. I think that is good, but what about listing off all the good things we did this year. 2014 has been a really good year for me. Personally and professionally. Although, I have problems really separating these two. In the car heading back from Ny, I started talking to my husband about this year. I think we tend to forget all the good things we did this year. Also, remember all the bad things you had to deal with and became stronger over.

Here’s my list of accomplishments for the year:

1) Got married and planned an amazing wedding with my Kevin

2) Passed my proposal

3) Moved to another country and traveled to 12 different countries

4) Finished my first half-marathon and got in better shape

5) Went to Turkey under an NSF Fellowship award

6) Won a few awards for my service to the students and the community at Drexel

7) Made many new friends and had amazing experiences

Will be working on the list for goals for next year, however for now, I want to be happy about the accomplishments this year. Happy New Year to all!


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