The Two Week Road Game

There was a long lapse in posts. Between working long hours in the lab, trying to pack and attempting to not freak out, I really didnt have much to report. The three days leading up to heading home to the US, I slept for 7 hours. I moved forward in my work, cleaned my apartment and generally exhausted myself. The direct flight from Amsterdam to Newark was my best long flight yet. I was carded, which is great once you hit 25. Unfortunately, I couldnt sleep so I enjoyed a few glasses of wine and some funny movies.

Kevin says I always over plan and over commit. This is very true. Once landing, he took me to see his parents and have dinner. I was stuck between being so exhausted that I couldnt sleep and wasnt hungry. After a nice dinner and catching up with is family, I finally got some sleep. We woke up early so I could head to the dentist. A quick reunion with my cats at my apartment, then onto important meetings. Met with my future post-doctoral advisor and had lunch with my new labmate.

Then time to see my old labmates. Coffee and talking with my friend Olga. Then a work meeting with my current co-advisor. Drinks and food at Landmark. It was a great day to catch up with friends and co-workers. Saturday was probably my most relaxing day, spent most of it packing and cleaning up the apartment. Then it was a nice visit with my friends Jaimie, Ryan and Valerie. Little Valerie at 1 was walking around and entertaining Kevin. Sunday was spent driving to VA to see my family. We spent the week playing with my nephew, Charlie, cooking and relaxing. Charlie cant walk yet but he is very good at his temper tantrums. On Saturday we had brunch and went shopping with my friend Chetana. Even did the paint your own pottery thing. I am still a fast, non-artistic painter.

Sunday we drove to see my 93 year-old grandmother. She shared new stories about her parents and her own memories of Christmas. When she was younger, you would go to church at midnight and you would receive oranges and nuts as your present. So different from today, where kids demand at least 10 presents. In the afternoon, we went to see my moms extended family at the old family farm house. I enjoyed talking with my aunts, uncles and cousins. We finished this day going to a rehearsal dinner for our friends Kevin and Shannon.

Monday and so far most of Tuesday has been completing some work in my old lab. Then it will be time to pack and get ready to go back home. New Years Eve will be Kevin and Shannon’s wedding! Super excited to be the unofficial videographer, going around and getting candid video of all the guests.

Coming home is great, but I think we may overpacked the number of parties and visits with people. Hoping to use that Friday-Saturday when I return to the Netherlands to relax some and get back to training for the next half marathon. I think we all need vacations from our vacations.


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