Postdoctoral Fellowship Submitted!

Excited to finally have the main three postdoctoral fellowships I am applying to submitted. One was the NIH F32 and the other two were University of Pennsylvania specific. The most work was spent reading papers and developing a research strategy. I was very fortunate to have a new main postdoc advisor and two co-advisors that have been really supportive. Also, was lucky to have a list of five people for recommendation letters.

After finishing 3 postdoctoral fellowships I have a few lessons learned. The always, ‘start early’ is still true. Hhowever, pick your possible advisor wisely is the biggest lesson I learned. I sent emails to a couple prospective advisors and used my network to create a list of possible contacts.

The other major lesson learned was that things wont go as planned. Two weeks before the NIH deadline, my application was moved from Drexel to UPENN. This was a bit of a headache but in the end worth it. I plan to update more about fellowships, etc when I start my academic blog.


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