New Full Professor

Last week, the head of the Biomechanics side of my lab became a full professor. We attended a ceremony that lasted roughly an hour. He gave a presentation about orthopaedics in general, filled with research from the different students in the lab. Of course, it was again, in Dutch. I understood around 35% of what he said. Unfortunately, I didnt understand the jokes.

Afterwards, there was a reception with drinks and small snacks. Similar to a receiving line after a wedding, everyone stood in line to say hello and congratulate him.


Later that evening there was a huge party, with a live band. They played covers of older songs and modified newer songs. The songs were all modified so people could dance. I had an amazing time, dancing most of the time. I think the new professor (Nico) had an amazing time as well.


The lab gift to our professor, was an edition of the Journal of Biomechanics. We all submitted full articles, case studies and advertisements about him. It was a very funny, however, extremely well organized gift. 20141121_223742


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