The Mythical World of Freetime

I am unfortunately, a never satisfied, OCD, persistent, person with an inferiority complex. Those wonderful qualities drive to me work or do something career oriented most of my day. Even my free/fun time will be spent reading the “The Hundred Most-Cited Publications in Orthopaedic Knee Research.” (

Google scholar emails me every few days with recently published articles. These articles become my bedtime reading. I love research because I am constantly learning new things. However, I am unable to turn off my work brain at home. This can become an issue as I have tend to have dreams about not submitting something correctly, emails from my advisor that never actually existed.

The positive of my affliction is that I have submitted two postdoctoral fellowship applications with one more to be completed in two weeks. Finishing up the draft to my fourth first author paper this weekend. My modeling at work is coming along, very close to having the bone remodeling part working.

Embracing who you are makes me realize that some of my faults are actually helpful. I may be serious and work too hard, but I would never be in the Netherlands if I wasnt this way. I am going to attempt to give myself some freetime. However, it is most likely going towards the training for the half marathon.


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