New Apartment Furniture

Two Fridays ago, I had packed up all my belongings in plastic bins and hid everything in the bathroom. I came home late Sunday night to all new furniture. Of course, it took me a week to slowly unpack and clean everything. Here is the newly decorated apartment. Still IKEA and still amazing. The kitchen table can now seat four and is huge. I have started using this as my desk, easy to run between cooking and working.


New chairs and a little coffee table so I can now easily watch tv. Yes, they gave me a flat screen. The artwork that appears in both rooms is from National Geographic. Not sure where they places are, but I want to visit now.


More lights, which is helping as it gets darker here. Smaller book shelf than the last one.  On the window seal is the boxes I got from ISTA and some artwork by my Nephew.


They also gave me a new desk, bed and cabinet.


I am very excited to have some people over to see the new furniture.


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