Learning to Laugh at Yourself

No one is perfect. I have many flaws and tend to do a lot of funny things. I will share some of the more interesting things I have done lately. During the trip to Copenhagen, there was a sheet that opened up, resembling a sock to me. Of course, I called it a “Sock-Sheet” and exclaimed this loud to my two travelmates. Of course, they laughed and told me if what a duvet. Yup, I had did not know about duvets. Now, I know. I was hoping between my parents and Kevin’s mom that I would have known these things, apparently not.

My grammar achilles heel, using effect/affect and saying shoulder/solider. It had always been an issue for me, no matter how much I try. Maybe I should go back to grammar classes.

Looking too young? Probably not a bad thing, but people always think I am 22-23 years old. I love when I get carded in the US.

Lately, the majority of the funny things happen to me in lab. It either revolves around me learning Dutch or misunderstanding some social occurrence. Usually, I just laugh off what I did wrong. Being able to laugh at yourself is very important.

I find that the timing of how things happen to also be funny. I am currently on the train ride home from the airport. I have to unpack my belongings from my bathroom because they need the plastic containers back tomorrow at 9 am. I am happy that I have all new IKEA furniture, but wish I didnt have to do this at 10:30pm. Tomorrow, I have a lab lunch presentation focusing on my research in the lab. Another lesson is not to plan too much. You will make plans and they will change. You can only control what you do. I am definitely an OCD person but am slowly learning to go with the flow.


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