Eindhoven Glow Part 1

Over the next few months, I am planning to travel to different cities/towns in the Netherlands. I started this weekend, heading to Eindhoven to see Glow. Glow is the light art festival . The theme of the ninth edition is ‘City in Motion’. The work of around fifty artists in the form of light installations, sculptures, projections and performances provide the public with a surprising new angle on the city.

The first place we stopped at was a Cathedral. Where they lined up on the lights to perfectly fit the shape of the building. Then, there is a 5 minute light performance that perfectly syncs to music. Below are examples of some of the amazing colors.


Next we saw a large display of art work that was highlighted by light. Some of it looked like childrens art.P1040413

Of course, my favorite was the Andy Warhol type of art.



In a warehouse, there was a moving glowing stick installation. Where the sticks joined, it could flex and move.


Heading down a street with many large houses, they had all the trees lighting up in different colors.


There was one house that had changing light display on it.


I definitely had a great night. Here is me laughing about something.



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