Quiet Times

Well, I am sure that many of you think that living abroad for a year is quite glamorous. Unfortunately, that is really not the case. I have travelled a lot, but that is coming to an end. Traveling can also have its downfalls. If my recent food poisoning occurrence in Italy hasnt proven that, I dont know what will. I had a lunch with calms last Friday. Friday night, into Saturday morning, I got really sick. Even now, almost a week later, I am still not fully recovered. My body is still very angry.

So, the quiet times of living abroad are actually most of the time. After work on the weekdays and the weekends, I spend most of my time in my apartment alone. I either watch movies, study Dutch or do some work. Its a great time for reflection. However, most days I get sad. I miss my husband and my family.

The good thing about not traveling is that I can finally develop a routine. I am looking forward to staying focused on my research, dutch class, post-doc applications and finishing writing my dissertation.


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