Newspaper Article

Well last week, I was contacted to be interviewed by a Dutch newspaper. After an interview on Wednesday, today the story was printed. Here is the link for those that can read dutch (

For those that can’t, here is the translated version from my friend Priyanka (thanks for doing this!).

Working efficiently in a casual atmosphere: doing research at the Radboudumc, Nijmegen is not easy according Josa Hanzlik (29) from Philadelphia, but much more pleasant than in America. Since April, she has been working at the orthopedics department, her main focus being on knee joint replacements, funded by the Whitaker Foundation. “Many people around me had problems with their joints and I would really like to help them with these problems”, says Hanzlik.

She talked to us in particular about the work environment. “Here, people also know when to stop and enjoy. In America it is much more stressful and there seems no end to the workday. There, researchers often work in the evenings and even on weekends. ” Also living in the Netherlands itself is very different compared with America. “It’s a relief that it is not all about expensive cars and big houses here. Also, people have fewer prejudices for example where you come from. You can at least have good conversations in a positive environment.”

Hanzlik hasn’t stuck to just the Netherlands. She has been to ten other countries since her arrival, such as Turkey, Japan and Italy. “I love to get to know other cultures.” In March, she will return to America. She plans to do a few years of research there and wants to ultimately become a professor.


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