Grad School: The Constant To Do List

Years ago, I thought that graduate school would be a time to delve into a topic. I imagined being immersed in learning.  Looking back, I was naive. Although, you do become an expert during your PhD, however, it is an expert conducting research. I definitely know my topic well, but there are always more articles to read. I feel overwhelmed by my list of unread articles.

I have more free time living in the Netherlands, but the work has seemed to multiply. Finishing up manuscripts from my US lab, working on research here, planning for my post-doc, traveling and training (less now) have me stressed. Borrowing the lovely graph below to show how I am feeling.

I enjoy reading papers and learning about new research. Applying to the NIH F32 fellowship is scary. Why are the directions over 120 pages long. Attacking what I need to finish one step at a time.  Right now, I wish Starbucks could deliver me coffee.



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