Confessions of an Over-Committer

Hi, my name is Josa and I am an Over-Committer!

At one point or another everyone evaluates themselves. I figure my biggest issue is my over-committing. Between over-committing and food, those two things tend to rule my life sometimes. I tend to always take on too man projects, social gatherings, training programs and ultimately some of these things fail. Currently, I am stressed with the shear number of items on my to do list. It is also a reminder of everything that I did sign-up for and worse some of the things I will never finish.

I went searching online, how to deal with  my issue. One site wrote ““Over-Committers” are motivated by wanting to please others, therefore they agree to doing much more than they can handle and ultimately end up disappointing the very people they are trying to please.” Yes, that is very true. So the question is, how do I start to change my habits?

From a mix of websites, blogs, etc, I made a list for myself:

  • Dont commit to anything new, there will be more opportunities in the future.
  • Reassess your current priorities.  Make some tough decisions about work and social commitments. Cut out at least one two, until my stress level is down.
  • Be honest with yourself.  Why can’t you say no?  Work on saying no!

My biggest improvement is learning to say no. I may upset some people but from now on, its not a “Hell Yes,” I want to do something, then I am not doing it.


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