Its the Little Things

My parents gave me a few ideas for blog posts. My mom wanted me to talk about Skype and how it keeps me connected to my family and friends. Well,  Skype does help,  but so does email, facebook, gchat, etc. Facebook allows you to figure out what people are up to without having to have a long conversation. Skype is awesome, in Japan I was able to Skype with a few of my friends from Rochester.

Living abroad by myself has been hard. The little things have helped a lot. Skype, coffee, . When I moved here, I grabbed a few bags of my favorite coffee. Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Nut is my favorite. This morning I opened my final bag. Hint, hint, to all my family, I like coffee!


The atmosphere in lab is the what makes living in the Netherlands so great. Everyone is nice, supportive and fun.


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