New Transitions

Well, it was a tough week. After traveling in Japan, running on limited number of hours of sleep, I was exhausted. I didnt make it to karate on Tuesday, however made it to both Dutch classes. The class is not that hard, the biggest issue is studying the words outside of class.

A few people have asked, “why are you learning Dutch?” I know that I will not be speaking Dutch a lot once I come back to the US. However, I think learning the language will help me understand more of the culture. I can understand some of the conversations people have in lab but I always feel that I am missing a lot of the jokes.

Still training for the half marathon. Running 10 miles tomorrow morning. I am excited to complete the half marathon, but looking for a new goal to continue working out. Transitioning from exciting trips to back to work/training can be hard. I am trying to keep myself busy so I do not miss Kevin, my family and friends so much.


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