Kyoto Site Seeing

After the Gala on Friday, we headed out to a few bars and karaoke. Got home on Saturday morning. Woke up a little late, took a quick shower and headed to the conference. Was able to catch Dan from my US lab and then Sanaz from my US lab both making great presentations. The last two sessions were great, I learned a lot. After the conference, we headed out to tour around Kyoto.

Sanaz had a lot of energy and made sure we toured around. The other three of us were really tired.



My favorite place was a beautiful garden. I could have sat down and took a nap. All my stress disappeared as we walked through the forest and ponds.P1040039P1040040


Well walking around, we noticed that there was a guy running with a carriage to transport people. I thought running on my own was hard. Imagine having to run while carting two people.


I took a few pictures of the local houses. They actually dont look that different from houses in other countries.


Close to the end of walking around, Sanaz and I stopped at a store. Apparently the guys got tired waiting, taking a nap on the sidewalk. Yes, this is a test to see if those two actually read my blog.



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