Traveling, there and back again, an engineers tale.

Going to Japan was the longest trip I have ever done. Granted, it wasnt all that bad. I left my apartment for work around 10:30 am. Headed to work to finish organizing, printing some documents and drinking some coffee. Around 2:30pm, I took a bus to the train station. From there is a was 1.5 hour train to the airport in Amsterdam.

Now, as my flight had been canceled due to the Air France strike the day before, I was due to flight out 10 hours later than I had planned. I was now on a Korean Airlines flight to Seoul with no ticket/seat yet. Of course, I was nervous about this and arrived at the airport 3 hours before my flight. I tried using the self check-in kiosk, but of course it didnt work. I stood in a line for an hour with people checking bags, even though I had know bag to check. Finally, I had a seat and made it to my gate fast. Of course, we waited for an hour there and then went through security at the gate. About 10 hours later, we arrived in Seoul.

The layover was around 1 hour, then it was time for 1.5 hour flight Osaka. The visa check/customs was done in two steps and took around 1 hour all together. Then I wandered and found the 1.5 hour train to Kyoto. Through maps and some help from the subway employees, I found my way to my hotel.

The way back was a little easier. Again flight was cancelled so I was booked on a direct Osaka to Amsterdam with my 3 colleagues. This time, it was a bus to the airport, direct flight home (10 hours) and train to Nijmegen. Much shorter on the way back and easier as my friends were with me.

So in conclusion, travel with others and try to avoid strikes.


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