Japan: ISTA Gala Dinner

ISTA coordinators did an amazing job, putting together the best conference dinner/Gala I have ever attended. There was constant entertainment through the night. First that had a group of Samurai’s fighting on stage. Of course, they happened to choose my Dutch advisor to be pulled up there to join in the fun. He was easily the best “new” samrui of the group. I caught his whole act on video.


Then they had two professional opera singers. They sung a song from Phantom of Opera and a few more classical songs. All night there were Giesha women walking around, pouring us wine and helping were they could.


All of the food attendants were great as well. No glass remained empty beyond a minute. The food was a wonderful mix. Cooked meats, soups, fish, cheeses and desserts. Here is a picture of the different foods I tried. P1030903

Even the food and service staff could all sing. They sang a few different opera songs for us as well. Dan “The Mac” MacDonald won an 2nd place for best poster in the E-poster Student section.


The gift to all the attendees was this lovely box.


After this, my friends and I headed out to the local bars. Ending up at an Irish Bar, then Karaoke, then finally one last bar. It was a great night. We were entertained and having fun from 7pm-4:30 am. I was able to meet researchers from other countries and enjoy the culture of Japan.


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