Roma: Day 3

On the final day in Rome, we visited the Vatican. Tired from the last day, we woke up a little later than planned. We first arrived at the Basilica. and saw St. Peter’s Square. All along the walk from the Metro station to the Basilica, we were hounded by people asking if we wanted to skip the line and take their guided tour of the Vatican museums and the Basilica.


They told us we would have to wait 2 hours to get in. Of course, you have to pay double if you want to jump the line and much more for a guided tour. We waited patiently and were in the Basilica within 30 minutes.

P1030755 P1030761

The interior was beautifully decorated.



We then went to see the Vatican museums. The tour people weren’t lying about the line here though. We didn’t book tickets for the Vatican museum ahead of time, so we were stuck waiting in line for 3 hours to get in. The Vatican museums has a great collection of paintings, sculptures and other historic artifacts.


It includes the Sistine Chapel and some other famous works of art. After waiting in line for so long, we were tired and probably didn’t appreciate some of the displays as much as we should have.


The Sistine Chapel is at the back of the museum and requires you to walk through tons of other displays to get to it. You are not allowed to talk or take pictures in the Sistine Chapel. The artwork on the ceiling was amazing to see in person. By the time we were done with the Sistine Chapel, we were ready to leave and ignored most of the exhibits you had to pass on the way back out.


After the Vatican museum we were hungry and wanted to eat an early dinner. We noticed a bunch of restaurants around the Trevi fountain serving meals all afternoon long the day before, so we went back to that area and found a restaurant where we could sit outside and enjoy dinner. We both got seafood based pasta dishes. After dinner, we stopped to get gelato on the way back to the hotel.



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