The Constant Traveler

Reflecting on the last 6 months, I guess I have become a better traveler. I definitely have traded the checked suitcase for a smaller carry on. I have cut down from the two laptops to one. The amount of clothes has greatly gone down as well. For me, I have learned that you really only need the basics. You definitely dont want to constantly have to buy things like shampoo, deodorant, etc. You need to plan exactly what you need each day, however, do not over pack.

I have also been able to train myself to sleep in new places. This used to be a little harder. I mostly just walk a lot in new places and then am tired enough to sleep.

However, this time the constant traveler is a little sad. After almost three great weeks with Kevin, he is now heading to Amsterdam to go back home. Traveling is great, but there is still nothing like home. Philadelphia has become during my PhD. My little 1 bedroom apartment was home, mostly due to Kevin being their. Now when I travel and return to my apartment in Nijmegen, I think “home.” Maybe “home” isnt really a place, its a state of mind where you are comfortable and happy.

Looking forward to finding other places to call “home.”


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