Roma: Day 1

We arrived in Roma around 8:00PM. After a train ride and wandering for 10 minutes, we found our hotel. I booked the Holiday Inn Express, mostly for the price and for a queen bed. We also had a small balcony to sit out on to eat snacks and read. We woke up the next morning, enjoying the continental breakfast. Definitely more than enjoy food, drinks and most importantly for me, coffee. For this trip, I had booked all the flights, hotel room and purchase the Roma Pass for us. At the start of day 1, we head to Termini station to pick up our Roma Passes. From there we used our Roma Pass to travel on the metro to Roman Forum, Colosseum and Capital Hill.

P1030423 P1030428

Roma is filled with beautiful buildings, sculptures and fountains. Even as we headed towards the Colosseum, there were numerous places I stopped to take pictures.

P1030434 P1030441

Arriving at the Colosseum, we were able to go past a large wait line. The Colosseumwas beautiful, however, I wish I could have seen it in all its glory. I love history so watching documentaries about historic places or events makes me happy. The computer animations allows you to see how the building/site looked historically. Going to actual site is also great as it allows you to fully understand the size and uniqueness. I thought this was a good opportunity to look preppy.


You can see in the photo the below recreated seats that filled the Cosileum. There was also numerous pathways underneath the Colosseum as well.


There was also a recreated platform to show how the main floor of the arena would have looked like. The views from the upper levels of the Colosseum were also great. Kevin looks a little more serious than I do.


Of course, I had to ask a lady passing by to get a picture of Kevin and I.


After a long day, Kevin and I headed back to the hotel to rest a bit. We arrived at a restaurant for dinner around 6:30PM. Similar to Paris, this was far too early. We sat just waiting and enjoying some wine for a half hour or so while the restaurant opened. We both ordered pizza and shared a tiramisu.


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