Philosophizing While Running

The title for this blog post came during my long run today. It summarizes all the random, crazy and sometimes existential thoughts that occur during the long runs. As a new long distance runner, each new run brings interesting experiences and results. On Sunday with my husband, we attempted 10 miles. I made it about 3 miles taking about 40 minutes. I was disappointed. Was it the bad food we ate in Amsterdam or was I actually getting worse at running?
On Monday we went for another run. I finished a 5K in around 33 minutes. Through the week, I figured out that my pacing had dramatically changed due to running with my husband. I had tried to run at a faster pace to keep up with him.
Today, I ran 11 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Except for the last mile, I ran by myself. Overall, I am happy with my run today. Excited about the next few weeks as I am only a month away from the half marathon.
Finally, I started karate on Tuesday. It was a great workout but also really intense. We started by running around in circles, then karaoke, high knee, butt kicks, etc. Now I am sweating already as I am in a Gi. Then we partner up. I am laying on my stomach with my arms in front of me grabbing my partners ankles. She takes a large step forward and I have to pull myself. Pretty much doing a lat pulldown on the ground, the entire length of the dojo. We continue on with similar training exercises. Then breaking into review certain punches and kicks. Finally an hour in, we transition to sparring. Of course, I can barely even do the punches and kicks correctly, much less when attacking someone. Class ends and I am exhausted. Two days later, I am really, really sore. Cant wait for more classes. Finally, I understand why my husband likes karate so much.

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