The Boring, The Working

So for any readers out there, my blog has been a little boring of late. After returning from Prague on the 11th of August, I have been focused on work and running. I am happy for my progress, but there arent any interesting stories. Maybe a very fun life lessons.

1) Persistent does in fact pay off.

Its a lesson most of us were given as a child, “work hard and good things will happen.” I dont think that is 100% correct. You have to work smart and hard. I know a lot of people that work hard, and a few in there that work very smart. These people tend to get a lot of work done because they are efficient, smart and organized. After all the hard work on my model, I have a working model and am moving forward at a fast pace.

2) Maybe a weakness can become a strength.

I always believed that I could never run long distance. Lifting heavy weights, playing basketball/soccer, etc for hours is what I can do. When I started thinking about the half marathon in June, I always assumed long distance wasnt for me. I could never push my focus that long, or learn to zone out while doing it. Recently, I noticed that my running focus is my work focus. When I am focused on an issue, I zone out from everything else. I cant hear what anyone else is saying, I become engrossed in the problem. This is similar to when I am watching  a movie or TV show. Kevin hates this, but I love it. My mom actually gave me this trait. I noticed that she does the same thing too. I finally ran 9 miles today, the longest I ever had. So now once used to be something that I never thought I could do, I finally can.


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