Why Do We Fail?

After a hard two weeks of working every day for 12-14 hours, ORS submission is done. Only one out of two of my abstracts were submitted. One wasnt ready. After all the time and effort it was painful, but it just wasnt ready. I could be angry, I could give up, but where would that get me?

One of my favorite quotes from the Mighty Ducks Triology, “Well, you learn a hell of a lot more from losing than from winning.” I agree 100% with that quote. I know have a list of what to do next for my work.

Sometimes I get caught up in the work so much that I forget how far I have come. At the end of May, I had all the data I need to create a model. I did not have all the tools, nor all the knowledge to create that model. Over the last three months, I have learned at least 3 new computer programs and how to create a model. I could now easily create a new model in a week. Of course, there is still more to learn. More issues to be resolved.

Failure is normal. Being perfect is impossible. Accepting all the good things I did with the failure makes it a little easier. Similar to sports, we tend to think highly of people who are brave enough to give it all they can, even if they fail.



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