Yes, Im American

Every now and then, someone in my lab will comment how American I am. Well, I get a little mad and then remember that I am proud to be American. Granted, I am not proud of everything that happens in America, nor happy what every American does. The government shutdown last year, not helping our reputation.

Recently, I have been working long hours, late nights and weekends on creating my model. I was called American because I have been working so much. Well, I think the culture is part of it but also my personality. From my time at Drexel, I knew a lot of students, different races, cultures, backgrounds, etc who all worked a lot. Then there are also people who dont work that much either. I work a lot because I want to and I take pride in my work.

In the future, I know things will need to change with a family. However, while I am in the Netherlands, I plan to take full advantage of learning as much as possible. From research to the Dutch language. I enrolled in Dutch class starting at the end of September. Learning the language will help me understand more of the culture and interact more with my labmates.

America is not perfect. The opening clip of show called Newsroom kinda hits a lot of points ( America has changed a lot and could be a lot better. However, I am still proud of where I came from and more importantly, proud of who I am.


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