Prague – The Wandering Adventure

On the last full day in Prague, my friend and I decided to hike up to the Petrin Lookout Tower.  Where the park area starts, there are some interesting statues.


About midway up we stopped to take some pictures. There is a lovely restaurant there, and earlier in the week, we saw that someone was having a wedding there.

P1020954 P1020955P1020967 P1020968

At the top there were some lovely gardens and paths to explore.


We reached the actual Petrin Lookout Tower, but decided not to climb all the steps.

P1030336 P1030341

We then started descending back down. Somehow we ended up near a tennis court and someone’s house. Luckily we were able to find a large road, but we had wandered fairly far from our apartment. We ended up walking past the Ministry of Defense by mistake. Finally, we ended back closer to the center of the city and found the Letná Park.

P1030347 P1030348                                P1030349 P1030350

Near the park is the giant, functional metronome. In front of it was steps that remind of Philadelphia and Rocky.

P1030351   P1030352                         After the long walk and wandering, we finished about 11 miles of walking/hiking in 3 hours. Luckily we found a nice pizza place and relaxed for a bit. Overall, this was my favorite part of the Prague trip. Wandering and see lots of the city.


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