Prague – Boat Tour

On one of our nights in Prague, we took a boat tour. For about $38, you get a three hour boat tour with a buffet meal. We decided to sit on the outside top deck. The view was beautiful throughout the entire night.

P1030076 P1030077

Drinks were ordered and delivered to our table. The only downside of the buffet was the number of people in line for the food. Overall, the food was good. The desserts were very yummy. The best part of the boat tour was the views. We started off around 7pm and finished around 10pm.


Traveling on the boat allowed us to see up close to the bridges and other sites along the water.


There is a separation in the water height. We had to go into the lock so the water level around the boat could be raised. It actually took very long for the whole process.


Later as the sun had set, we have a lovely view of  full moon. The lady is a worker on the boat tour.


The view of the city at night was breathtaking. The photos dont do it justice.


A few minutes after everyone left the boat, there were fireworks. I am assuming it was  a normal Saturday night celebration. Overall, it was a great time.



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