Dublina and St. Patricks Cathedral

On my first day in Dublin, I visited Dublina and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Dublinia is a historical recreation museum and visitor attraction focusing on the Viking and Medieval history of the city. To start off in Dublina, one of the first things you see is the lovely sign below.


Dublina had a lot of staged scenes and was fun to walk around in. There were a few live actors, one was actually stamping out coins. My dad actually talked to him, apparently he has been in Game of Thrones.


There is also a large tower in Dublina, we climbed to the top. I took some pictures of the surrounding areas.

P1020748 P1020749

Next to Dublina was the Christ Church Cathedral. Unfortunately, we visited on a Sunday so it was only open at certain times so we didnt end up going in. I took some pictures of it from the outside.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral is very beautiful. My mom and I arrived early so we decided to sit in the little park to the side of it. First, the bear and I enjoyed the grass and had a little nap.


Here are the outside shots. The park is so beautiful and there were a lot of kids with their parents wandering around.

P1020769 P1020770 P1020771 P1020772

St. Patrick’s Cathedral was founded in 1192. Today it is the location for a number of public national ceremonies.




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