Guinness and Jameson

For those who have visited Dublin, there are two places not to be missed. The Guinness Brewery and Jameson Distillery.

The Guinness Brewery is a self guided tour. In 2011, my husband and I took a trip to Belfast. We spent a day down in Dublin, making sure to hit Guinness. They had one an old barrel you could sit in where videos about Guinness and how it is made. I loved the quote about the tv screens.


Last summer they added a new section where you can learn how to “drink” or “taste-test” Guinness. Its a nice little addition to the tour. Unfortunately, you have to wait in line for this. By far the best part of Guinness is sitting on the top floor drinking your beer and looking out over Dublin.

P1020825 P1020826

My mom and I met a really nice Irish couple who gave us tips on places to visit.

P1020827 P1020828

Next, we headed to Jameson distillery. I recommend you head to Jameson planning to be there for 3 hours. You sign in a get a ticket for a tour for about 1-1.5 hours later. They have a restaurant that you can order food in.  So either plan to sit then and eat or find something in advance to do near the distillery.

P1020843 P1020844

The decorations of the main room were beautiful. I especially loved the chandelier.

P1020847 P1020848

The tour itself was great, mostly due to the guide. She was energetic, excited and funny.


If they ask you to volunteer, do! You get to be a whiskey taste tester.

P1020882 P1020883




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