Upcoming Trips

So far throughout my travels to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva and Istanbul, I have planned my own trips. Instead, I would like to have some advice on places to visit and things to do. Here is my list of up coming trips, please comment any thoughts you have.

1) Dublin (Dublin pass purchased, traveling with parents)

2) Prague (With lab friends)

3) Amsterdam (With hubby)

4) Rome (With hubby and maybe lab friends)

5) Venice (With sister)

6) Japan (Kyoto for a conference)



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Trips

  1. If you only have <4 days in Ireland, definitely get out down the east coast of Ireland to Waterford, Cork, or Kinsale. Beware that the afternoon buses from Cork to Kinsale can get crowded.

    Istanbul during Ramadan is really neat. Markets pop up by the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia. The Capadoccia region is bustling during the summer, and substitute the ruins of Ephesus for Athens (sans Parthenon).

    Greek islands in September… Avoid the students (Jun-Aug).

    Just my thoughts, am following your blog for ideas in Europe!

  2. John thanks for the ideas. Trying to make it out to the coast of Ireland tomorrow before I head back to the Netherlands. Definitely need to go back to Istanbul, I didnt get a lot of free time since it was an summer school type trip.

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