Hosting Lessons

When you live abroad for awhile, your family and/or friends will want to come visit. This is a great idea, however, you should be prepared. After a few months of living alone, I got used to being alone. Before your family or friends come, remind them that they are going to another country. The language, the money, the culture, the power plugs, the food, etc will all be different.

I have learned my lesson. Telling your family/friends in advance what to expect and how to prepare will make things a lot easier. I have also noticed that having a basic list of five things I want to see in each city makes for a better experience. Wandering around aimlessly, with no plan makes everything frustrating.

Finally, setting ground rules is key. This is true wherever you live. Setting expectations and making sure everyone has the space they need is important. Adapting to each person and situation has also helped with hosting.


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