The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths in Bath, UK are hot springs that were used for bathing. The history of the baths goes back to the British king Bladud  who built the first baths in 836 BC.  The  geothermal energy raises the water temperature. There was a temple constructed between 60-70 AD.

Originally the baths were covered with a roof. Overtime those were destroyed. The second floor with the statues was added more recently during the 19th Century.


In the beginning men and women were allowed to bath together. There was a mandated separation at some point and then several smaller baths were constructed.


There was a small exhibition that showed some of the artifacts they have found.

P1020380 P1020381

Within the exhibition, they also had a plastic representation of the layout of the baths.

P1020376 P1020377




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