Futbol and Training

By some miracle or just general research, I am have been in first place for the World Cup pool at work. My goal of not coming in at last has worked. Honestly, being number one for a few days is just as good as winning. The games have been very exciting, heartbreaking and stomach-aching. The pride of each country rests on the outcome of one play. Excited to see the US play tonight.

In term of training for the half marathon, I have altered my eating habits. I have cut down the sugary/bad foods and replaced them with fruits and vegetables. After one week, I am already feeling a lot better. I have run 3 times so far. Each time my pacing is improving. When I was training in Philadelphia last fall for 5Ks it was a lot harder. The air was colder and I was training with my husband. He is in great shape and fast. It is really hard to pace properly with someone who is fast. I am working on developing a good playlist for a 10 minute mile run. Here’s hoping the next 4 runs go smoothly. 


4 thoughts on “Futbol and Training

    • I will work on the list over the next week and share with you. I have a random mix, but then I change to the pace of the song. What are you favorite songs?

      • Yay thanks! I also have playlists for different paces and even temperatures, actually. Uhh… Huge range of favorite songs, but I generally like really upbeat EDM (ex: deadmau5, Melleefresh) or more hardcore rock (Seether, Skrillex, etc) for working out. You?

  1. Sorry it took so long to comment back. I am actually gonna try some of your music. Honestly, I stick to classic rock and roll music. My best songs recently for pacing have been “Radar Love” by Golden Earring, medium paced Rolling Stones songs, “Make Me Smile” by Chicago and The Who songs.

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