29 is Fine!

My birthday this year was amazing. I spent the day at the Biocomplexity School learning and talking with other attendees. The organizers were even kind enough to have two cakes for us all to share.

I would also like to thank my amazing family. They sent me birthday cards in advance to the Netherlands so they arrived the day before I left for Turkey.


I have seen blog posts where the person makes a bucket list for 30. My list is fairly short, “I just want to be happy.”

I miss my lab in the US and apparently they celebrated my birthday even though I was gone. They enjoyed cookies and let me know that I was not going to get any. (oh IRC, how I miss you!)

Back to lab this morning (ORL, Netherlands). Happy to announce that I am currently in second place for the World Cup Lab Pool! Brought baklava to share with the labmates. This means I got to ring the lab bell! This also means, I got a couple of the 3-time congratulations courtesy kiss. Hard to describe but mostly three cheek touches and you make kissing sounds at each one.



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