First World Cup Experience

Well, for you football fans out there, last night was certainly interesting. Netherlands beat Spain 5-1. It was an unexpected blow out. 

I went to the bar after work with some of my labmates. We proceeded to a burger place where I had a wonderful cheeseburger. We then proceeded to an area where they had put up a huge screen for the game. 

The unexpected surprise after the Dutch scored there first goal was a beer shower. Apparently, in utter happiness patrons of the outside establishment wanted to share there beer with other people. The first one wasnt so bad, however, no one expected that the Dutch would score five times. 

A quick shower and washing some clothes helped to reduce the game to happy memory. I have been told that usually they dont score as many goals and I have experienced a great game. I highly agree. I look forward to the rest of the World Cup.

I am heading to Turkey for a week for the 13th Annual Summer School on Biocomplexity, Biodesign and Bioinnova ( Hopefully at night I will have time to watch the football games. 


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