My Regrets (Now)

We all have regrets, something we wished we did or sometimes more worst, something we wished we hadn’t.

1) Abroad during undergrad

I wished I would have gone abroad during undergrad. I am enjoying it now, but it would have been great doing it earlier in life. Learning other languages and cultures when I was younger would have helped my outlook on life.

2) Play basketball in undergrad

I loved playing basketball in high school and regret not trying to in college. It may have not worked out as the coach at the time was against athletes playing two sports. Looking back, I would not have enough time for school and developing friendships. Maybe it was meant to be but I still regret it.

3) Not the stupid, egotistical 18 year-old

When I started college, I was definitely a normal 18 year-old who thought she knew everything. I was judgemental, rude and probably harsh to others. Looking back, I am glad that I now recognize how much I have changed for the better. I am thankful for the friends that I made at the beginning of college and still like me.

4) Worked more efficiently

I would have said “work less,” but that would cause me losing my job. While in the Netherlands, I am trying to learn to work more efficiently. Their work/life balance has changed my view on what type of job I would like in the future.

5) Staying in a relationship

There have been a few relationships that I stayed for the wrong reasons. All the guys I dated were good guys, just not the right guy for me. The silver lining of one of the relationships is that it lead me to Drexel. At Drexel is where I met my husband, so while I regretted staying in a relationship with one person, it helped me find Kevin.

6) Being afraid of failure

I also seemed to shy away from things that I couldnt do well. I always wanted to try drawing, painting, karate, etc but I never did. I always stuck to the same sports and hobbies. I am hoping to try a few new hobbies while in the Netherlands.

7) Being healthy

My working out and eat healthy has taken a back seat during my masters and now PhD work. Living in the Netherlands has given me more time to workout and cook.

8) Holding grudges

I have held onto a few grudges throughout my life. During the past few years, I have tried to move on. For some reason, they always come back-up and I end up feeling betrayed again.

9) Talking to my grandparents

My one grandfather died when I was 9 so it was out of my control to talk to him. I have spent the last few years talking to my one grandmother a lot, trying to learn about her and her history. I regret not reaching out to the my other grandparents and making more of an effort. I think we all want to know where we come from and our grandparents are that connection.

10) Worrying too much

For those who know me, know I am always thinking about the next step. I worry a lot about work, family, commitments, etc. I am working on trying to live in the moment and stop worrying about the future.



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