Two Months In

Well, its a little before two months since I arrived in the Netherlands. Time to check how I did this month. 

Goals for May:

1) Travel to two other countries – Belgium and Germany.

2) Run at least 15 times – I ran about 5 times. 

3) Get a bike and travel with it (3 longer trips, daily biking) – Got the bike, only a few small rides so far.

4) Finish the first part of my Dutch lessons – Still working on it.

5) Cook three Dutch meals – I cooked a lot of meals.

6) Keep blogging (15 posts) – Done.

7) Skype with family/friends (anyone who wants to talk) – Done.

8) Find a coffee place to relax in – Still looking.

9) Finish reading the first two Game of Thrones books – still on the first book.

10) Dreaded dissertation to 150 pages, 2 papers submitted – still working.

11) Other research goals that I wont bore you with! – not done.

Well it seems that I have a lot more to do. The lesson learned is that nothing goes as fast as you would like. 


2 thoughts on “Two Months In

  1. Hi! I think you did well this month : ) I use to set a number (by that I mean a lot) of goals and not achieve all of them. Then I would be disappointed and discouraged, so I would set even more and so the cycle went. But I’ve since learned that I set goals to challenge/better myself. Even though I may not accomplish every single one, it’s still worth celebrating those that I did. What’s the saying: “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars!”

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