Hobby Time

I need something besides my normal research in the lab, finishing up 2 publications, writing up my dissertation and applying for post-docs. I have started walking a lot with a friend from lab but I definitely need a few more things to keep me occupied. 

So I have a list that I will start with. 

1) Reading – Still working on the fist book of the Game of Thrones.

2) Writing – Does dissertation writing count? I sure hope so. Was thinking about writing a book but I dont have any good ideas in mind. I have been thinking about “A Guide to Guide School: Applications, Post-docs and Beyond.” However, just like Bed, Bath & Beyond, so you can easily get lost for hours. 

3) Learning a language – Already doing that with Dutch.

4) Running/Biking – Working on that. My bike needs some work.

5) Working out – Signing up for the gym this week, I have been avoiding it due to the all the walking. 

6) Cooking – trying to explore more of the Dutch cuisine. I am also working on fusion dishes. 

7) Musical something – still trying to figure out what musical instrument I would like to learn. 

I have a huge list of other ideas, however, they are all expensive. I need a hobby that isnt expensive and I dont have to take a lot of things home. 


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