Sites in Brussels

Besides the chocolate tour, I also walked around Brussels quite a bit. There was a beautiful garden area about 5 minutes from my hotel.


In the Grand Place, near the place where my chocolate tour started, there were many beautiful building.


There was also a bachelor party going on. I am sure from here they went to find a bar serving beer at 9 am. All I could think of the was the Super Mario Brothers Theme.


I was lucky enough to find someone to take a picture of me. Here we are looking over probably the best view of Brussels.


During the chocolate tour, I ended up making friends with a really nice couple from the UK. We ended up at one of the bar A La Becasse (


Its actually not the easiest bar to find. As with a lot of bars in Brussels, they are down a little walk way that you really dont feel comfortable walking through. The key is to find on the sidewalk in front of the bar some sort of design. Here is the one we used to find this bar.

P1010862Once I had tried the beer and the chocolate, of course it was now time to try the waffles. We found a place that was crowded but the service was very fast. I ordered the waffle with the strawberries, attempting to be healthy. It was amazing.


After all the food and walking, it was time to go back to the hotel. I wandered back and saw a few interesting statues or works of art. And then there was the creepy one that was moving in the wind on the side of the building. After staring, freaking out and then realizing it was fake, I finally laughed.





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