While in Brussels, I went on a 4 hour walking chocolate tour. We did not walk the whole time, but walked about 2 miles during the tour. The first place we stopped was Corne Port-Royal where I had a delicious coffee chocolate.


At the next place, we were able to sit down and try three different chocolates. The long, skinny one was actually an orange peel and had no sugar in it. It tasted amazing. The idea is to use fruits, etc that already have the sweetness so that you do not have to add sugar. This allows for a healthier option. We also stopped at Chocolpolis which I tried another great piece of chocolate.


At the Pierre Marcolini, you can see the design is similar to a jewelry store. Even one of the boxes is eerily similar to Tiffany’s Blue boxes. I decided I wanted to buy chocolate. I saved quite a bit of money by taking the bus (3 euros one way) from the airport to my hotel instead of the taxi (40 euros one way). I figured, I earned a box of chocolate for myself and I took another to work to share with my labmates.



The last chocolate shop we stopped at was Elisabeth Chocolatier. It was a chocolate that actually had a champagne flavor in it. It was wonderful.

The last stop we made was at a loft/apartment in which we were able to make our own chocolates. Below you can see what chocolates I made. I am definitely not the most artistic but I sure did try. There were a range of fruits, nuts, etc to place on the chocolates. And of course, I had to make a “J + K” for me and the hubby. Then I enjoyed eating it in front of him while we Skyped.


Well, this chocolate tour was enough for me. In the next post, I will show the different places I visited during my stay in Brussels.


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