Happy and Interesting Things

On Thursday, the first mail from the US has arrived! My dad was kind enough to send printed pictures from my wedding/weekend of activities. Additionally, a new back pack arrived. My poor Northface backpack had started ripping at the bottom. I did sew the hole and it can still be used. However, I think having a back-up back pack is important. This time I went with a Swiss Gear back pack, shipped through Amazon Prime (Germany). I have to say that it is pretty awesome and can fit both of my laptops and still have plenty of room.


I now have a sunflower and Strawberry plant. The Sunflowers came up within a few days, the poor strawberries arent here yet. The tomato plant and herbs continue to grow at a fast pace. I have been using the herbs in all my cooking.


For lunch this week, I walked with a group of labmates who always get fish on Thursday. The fish was breaded and very good. I was interested in the utensil that they use. I am used to a spork, but have never seen a a fork and knife combo. Wikipedia has informed me that this is infact a knork (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knork).


I have kept up running and hopefully tomorrow will complete a 3 hour walk. The walking is helping increase my endurance for the running while not hurting my joints.

Excited for what happens next this week. I am headed to Brussels next weekend hoping to see musuems,




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