Time to Train!

After my first month in the Netherlands, I noticed that is was normal to have more personal time. Everyone is still very productive, maybe they are just more efficient. Between a labmate who is walking the Four Days Marches and then two friends from home who just ran a half marathon, it became apparent that I should get back into shape.

Friday was the start, after walking 5.5 miles to a picnic in Germany, I wanted to walk more. Yesterday I was given a free bike to use. It needs a little clean-up but is very nice.

My goals for my stay in the Netherlands is to:

A) Workout in a gym twice a week (90 times)

B) Bike 1,500 miles

C) Walk 1,000 miles

D) Run 500 miles

Here’s to being active!


One thought on “Time to Train!

  1. Yay!! Josa, This makes me happy. If Whit and I can run 13.1 miles you DEFINITELY can. Great goals! I might just start taking you up on this and we can be gym buddies from a far. We’ll keep each other accountable. Skype soon!

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