Lab Party (Dutch BBQ)

Yesterday was the annual lab party. It was a great time with yummy food and amazing people.

One of my labmates is training for the Four Days Marches ( For four consecutive days, people walk 30, 40 or 50 KM. I volunteered to walk with my labmate the 5.5 miles into Germany where the BBQ was being held. Between that walk and the walk to work, my legs were very sore on Saturday.  My joints did like the walking better than the running I have been doing.

Upon arrival, this guy was waiting outside the house.


In terms of food at the BBQ, there was the normal potato salad, pesto pasta salad and normal pasta salad. There was also some different types of salads that I havent seen before, but still tried. Everything I ate was really yummy. There was the normal steak, chicken, sausage, etc. I even tried a veggie burger that was delicious.

P1010699The BBQ atmosphere and food was amazing. I will post more updates on the food in the future.



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