I have started a few new hobbies.

The first hobby is gardening. Although, I dont really have a garden. I have a small little herb planter and a tomato plant. My parents have always had a garden filled with cucumbers, squash, etc. Unfortunately my Philadelphia apartment never had enough light to support plants. I am excited to see how my little plants continue to grow.


P1010655 P1010654

The second is watching documentaries and learning about British monarchs. I knew a lot about Henry VII, but my knowledge of kings before him was very limited. I wanted to know how Henry VII actually came into power. I watched documentaries detailing the War of the Roses. That lead me to Richard III. His burial site was uncovered over the past few years. I watched a documentary on how they actually determined it was him. Next, I am considering learning more about Queen Victoria.

My third hobby is traveling. This past weekend, I traveled to see CERN. That trip is described in another post.


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